Entrance into the Kingdom

Over at Revelation is Real, there is an excellent post about entering the kingdom of heaven according to Matthew. The last paragraph is thought provoking and soul searching:

What kind of righteousness does the Lord Jesus demand in Matthew’s Gospel? As the warning is given in the context of the Sermon on the Mount, it is clear the kind of righteousness that fulfills what Christ commands in Matthew 5-7. Righteousness that will not ignore the smallest of God’s commandments (Mat 5:19). The kind of righteousness that arises from the heart and not from outward show (Mat 6:4, 6, 18). A kind of righteousness that aims for perfection as our Father in heaven is perfect (Mat 5:48) and putting God’s kingdom first before our own interests and needs (Mat 6:33). A kind of righteousness that walks that straight and narrow way (Mat 7:14) and not only hearing and doing the sayings of Christ (Mat 7:24). He who does all these (Mat 5-7) will surely enter the kingdom of heaven.


One thought on “Entrance into the Kingdom

  1. Those are some very good observations, in the sermon on the mount….I’m sure thankful somebody became my righteoesness….

    Hope the break is going well…Only 1 more semester

    Matt Andrychuk

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