Therefore Repent and Turn (to God) and other things related to the Acts of the Apostles.

Just a few of the books I have open on my desk. I am writing a Rhetorical Analysis on Peter’s speech in Acts 3.11-26. Verses 19-21 are really tough. Any suggestions as to an interpretation?

I promise that once this semester ends I will begin posting more regularly. This semester has been so trying for reasons unrelated to school. The Lord has been testing my faith, and at times I have doubted. But I know that he is good regardless of what the world comes to. He promises to provide my needs, Matt 6, and this I hold to with dear life!

Update 12-21-06: I received an A on my paper, praise the Lord Jesus! My prof said that my research was excellent, I even found articles and books that he did not know existed. For me that is a big compliment because I love to research, and he knows a lot about the literature of Acts. It was a fun paper!


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