A Break from the Storm

Well, since I am not that busy tonight with homework, I thought I would post something here. School is going well. I must say that it is a tiring semester thus far. I have had the worst trouble with sleep; my insomnia has really gone crazy this semester. But I have been blessed through it. The Lord has really grown me and has shown me that he is all that I need to make it through this crazy world.

I signed up to tutor Greek students, and tonight I had my first session. It was fun, and the student really has a heart to learn the language. I reminds me of my first year in Greek and all of the vobac and memorization of case endings and the like. God is so good! He is the rock of our salvation and the strength that we need to make it. I look forward to eternal glory with Him! Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice for our sin!

Soli Deo Gloria


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