Should I respond or remain humbled?

I recently noticed that one of my previous posts on the authorship of Hebrews was discussed on a different blog. Who does the blog belong to? None other than one of my Greek heroes Dave Black. He commented on my use of Origen’s quote. He illustrates Origens belief that Paul may have been the author of Hebrews, and this is true. I was not so much trying to use Origen in a defense of non-Pauline authorship as I was trying to illustrate that there is no clear consensus to authorship of Hebrews. That was my context for using Origen’s famous quote.

Also, I taught my first Sunday School lesson this Sunday. We began looking at the book of Hebrews. This week was an introduction to the book, namely a look at authorship, readers, and date. The class was very alert and engaged in the study, and it was a blessed time. I pray that the Lord would use me faithfully in this ministry. I pray that he would transform us through and by the word, especially as it is recorded in Hebrews.


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