William Lane on Hebrews

Here is a quote from the introduction on Hebrews that I found insightful.

As long as there are texts, there will be the challenge of reconstructing history from them, and historical methodology is the only rational means by which this can be done. Historical intuition is an essential element in the task of reconstruction. Nowhere is this more true than in the case of Hebrews. Hebrews is distinctive in form and complex in literary structure. The tradition concerning its authorship, purpose, and intended audience is conflicting and unreliable. The evidence provided by the text itself is open to divergent interpretations. These facts constitute a continual reminder that every statement about Hebrews is a personal synthesis, an interpretive statement. Interpretation calls for humility. Any critical reconstruction must be proposed as tentative and explanatory in nature.

William L. Lane, Hebrews: Word Biblical Commentary, 47a: Dallas, TX: Word Incorporated, pg. xlvii.


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