Ministry Opportunity

This past Saturday I checked the job board on my school’s website and I came across something that caught my eye: adult Sunday School teacher needed. I thought, “hey, this is a way to begin to use my gifts and better learn how to teach the word of God.” So I sent an email to the Church expressing my interest. Today I got a call from the pastor of the church and he wants me to come in and teach the Sunday School class. Wow! Praise God! The Lord has indeed guided me and as open many doors in my life, this is another one that He has sovereignly opened and has provided the way. If you think of it, please pray for me as I begin this incredibly important task of proclaiming the truth of the risen Lord Jesus Christ.


2 thoughts on “Ministry Opportunity

  1. I pray that it goes well for you Cliff. Be careful not to be too “academic” on a Sunday school class. A good sermon like a good lecture is based on sound exegesis and study, but it does not have to be a display of all of your exegesis and study. Keep it tight, lucid, to the point and simple. Blessings.

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