France vs. Italy

As I type this, France and Italy are both tied at 1-1 with 42:42 gone in the first half. I am pulling for my French brothers to win their 2nd title in three World Cup’s (the first being in 1998 against Brazil). My neighbor’s are Italian and of course we do not see eye to eye on this one, but it is ok.

UPDATE: My French brothers lost a nail biter 5-3 in penalty kicks. It did not help them that three of there best players (including their captain Zidane) were not there to help the French when they needed them the most. Zidane got tossed in the 2nd OT for headbutting someone. Not quite the brilliant decision to make when your team is playing for the Cup. Nonetheless, it was a fabulous game. It was the first final that I got to watch since the ’94 Cup when Italy lost to Brazil on PK’s. I think I need to watch more soccer, cause every time I do they end up determining the winner on PK’s.


3 thoughts on “France vs. Italy

  1. Hi Cliff! Wow what an intense game, Zidane is the perfect example of wasted talent. You can be the world’s greatest player but if you can’t control yourself, you’re no good. A horrible way to end his career.

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