Sorry Paul, but your not qualified.

I have been thinking a lot about what disqualifies a man from the ministry. I know that there are qualifications listed as to what an elder must be in order to serve in the ministry (1 Tim 3; Tit 1). A man must be above reproach, and this is no serious matter. But lately I have been thinking: would Paul be allowed to minister in the Church were he alive today? Because Paul had a pretty bad past before his conversion, would the Church allow him to minister, or would he be disqualified from ministry? Is the life of a Christian before he was converted enough to keep him from entering the ministry? Or does his life after conversion matter only, and the qualification listed in Timothy and Titus concern only his post conversion? Any thoughts on this one?


4 thoughts on “Sorry Paul, but your not qualified.

  1. Would Paul be allowed to preach in most churches? His theology wuold be considered horribly prejudiced, overly doctrinally oriented, horribly literal…

  2. That is a good question. This about it seriously. A murderer. A persecutor of Christians to the point of killing them. Pre or post conversion would be irrelevant, right? He couldn’t be the main pastor of a common American church with that on his record, could he?

  3. I didn’t write that to condemn Paul, I wrote it because it makes Jesus’ grace seem all the more broad. I’m thankful that God sees the heart, not just the deeds.

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