Again, My Fiancee and I


2 thoughts on “Again, My Fiancee and I

  1. We are so happy for both you and Heather.We think Heather is a GREAT “gal” too! However, we also think you are a wonderful son and will make a great husband for Heather as well.
    Cliff, you have come a long way and your dedication to the lord is a testament to that. He has blessed your life in so many ways and in turn blessed those around you as well.
    Remember, we are always here for you. You are always the one who is there for any of us when needed and we are so grateful for your dedication to your family as well.
    God Bless both you and Heather. We are sure the lord has great plans for both of you.
    Love you,

  2. CONGRATULATIONS CLIFF! I’m so happy to hear about your engagement. Sorry for the late reply, I just checked out your blog for the first time in a month and a half. Hope to hear from you soon bro! Peace

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