What Would Jesus Do?

Often, I hear from the pulpit, radio, or a book that I am reading something along these lines, "If Jesus was alive today, he would hang out at such and such a place, doing such and such a thing." Now this may or may not be true. But what I find most intriguing about this statement is that we claim all knowledge about how Jesus would live today, but we still are trying to figure out the historical culture in which Jesus lived 2000 years ago. Would Jesus go to Starbucks, have himself a latte, and converse with the people there? This is a fair question to ask, but unless we figure out the cultural he lived in when he came, this question really is pointless. Jesus came at the right time to the right place. He was the promised Messiah to Israel not America! He came at the time that the Triune God determined him to come; the fullness of time. I always find hypothetical questions like these amusing in light of our little understanding of the cultural of 1st century Palestine. I would much rather try to understand those times and how Jesus lived then rather than hypothesize about Him and I sipping on a latte together at Starbucks after church.

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2 thoughts on “What Would Jesus Do?

  1. Cliff, as you must know, I fully support attempting to gain a deeper understanding of the context of Jesus’ time. But really, to say that our understanding is very little is a bit of an exaggeration. Sure, there are a number of things we do not know, but right now there are numerous books on the subject that will give us more than a little information. As for wondering whether Jesus would hang out at Starbucks…yes, that does seem a bit of a peripheral issue. But there are issues that it seems important to think about, such as whether Jesus would be as political as Christians today are. Obviously, we would do this by analyzing the historical information of His time, but we should not be continuously absorbed in collecting more information with no application of it to our time.–>

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