My Thoughts on the Gospel of Judas

Now that the Gospel of Judas special has aired and the book has been released, I wonder how people will react. Those who are advocating that this document sheds light on the historical Jesus and Judas admit that this document is quite late. My question is how does a document that was written at least a hundred years after the death of Judas, and the death, resurrection, and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ shed light on these historical people? Reading the document I notice that the Jesus of the Gospels is quite different than the Jesus of the Gospel of Judas. Is this taken into account by those making grandiose statements?

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4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Gospel of Judas

  1. My question is, where is a public forum where these “grandiose statements” can be contradicted openly by Biblical scholars? It appears to me that the media has a monopoly on the selection of “scholars” portrayed to the public while the real scholars simply share their opinions amongst themselves. How can this be changed?

  2. Lori,

    Do not forget that the media is out to get ratings not to discover the truth. The truth is that we crave controversey and what’s new. The world does not like the truth because it means that they must surrender their lives and bow the knee to Jesus who claims authority over their lives. So because of this they will do whatever they need to do to deny the truth of the Gospel.

    you are right that the media has the monopoly over this. But that does not mean that Evangelicals are not doing anything at all. If you read my previous post, Dr. Witherington – an evangelical – has debunked the Gospel of Judas. Also, there are others who have written against the Document.

    Remember, the truth does not sell books or get you ratings. It only convicts of sin and error and demands obedience and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I too wish that this can change, but tell that to the media.

    Thanks for the comment Lori.

  3. Cliff,

    I wasn’t saying Evangelicals have not responded. They have, but the public doesn’t effectively have access to these responses. Only those who already know who Dr. Witherington is and where his site is located are going to be exposed to his opinion. I agree, not many will search out the truth and it would be futile to expect a true change in coverage from the corporate media. Thankfully, the internet has given access to alternative media. It would be beneficial if there was one site that had links to all of these scholar’s comments on Biblical issues in the media. Sort of like the Drudge Report, except hopefully nothing like it in substance.


  4. hey cliff,
    Thanks for keeping up-to-date on this. I wish more people would dialogue.

    Of course I would say that I have to agree with you completely. This is just like the Da Vinci Code in that its agenda is to make Christianity seem shaky with even just a little bit of information that was supposedly associated with early Christians yet had nothing to do with their beliefs in the first place and was considered heretical (wonder why…).

    And they are willing to use just a few Gnostic “gospels” that have shadowy origins, not to mention incomplete manuscripts. I get a kick out of the brackets they insert.

    Actually, I find these things quite amusing, and wish other people wouldn’t ponder it so seriously as they do sometimes; just see it for what it is and be able to give a reasonable answer in defense of the truth. Don’t take me wrong; of course we need to treat these things seriously, because with them arise opportunities for discussion with unbelievers, but it can be dwelled upon too much.

    thanks for allowing my rambles :-).

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