Wedding and prayer

Well, in about 14 hours my best friend will say "I do" to his fiance and will take on the responsibility of being a husband. Wow! I am so excited for him and cannot wait to be there to share this experience with them both. Greg and I have been best friends since I became a Christian. In fact, the Lord used me to bring Greg to Himself and redeem him. So there is a huge connection between us in the Lord, and a love that is deep in Christ. Tonight was the rehearsal and boy was he nervous. I myself could have cried a few tears just standing there next to him watching him rehearse the vows. He is such a blessed brother and friend in the Lord Jesus Christ. God really used him in the beginning days of my walk with the Messiah. I do not know what I would have done had Jesus not brought us together as best friends.
On another note, my sister is in the hospital for a really fast heart beat. The doctors do not know what is the matter, so they are keeping here in their until they can find out what the problem may be. Please pray for her that she would not be scared, and that she would sense the Lord's hands and presence their with her. I love her very much, and I am sad that she has to be their alone during the nights. I know that the Lord will use this for His glory, and I eagerly await to see Him glorified in all that He does. He is a faithful and merciful God. Blessed be His name for all eternity!

Soli Deo Gloria!


2 thoughts on “Wedding and prayer

  1. I will be praying for you sister. I know what it is like to have a sister you love in the hospital and to be completely helpless in that situation. But God is a loving and merciful God, and each trial He gives us in life is a blessing. Maybe the Lord will use this situation to work in your sister’s life. And tell Greg I say congratulations, and remember you are on contract so you can’t dance ;). I hope all goes well today and that you have a lot of fun!!

  2. I’ll be praying as well. Let us know what happens. And I’ve been really confused…there are actually four people who read your blog, two of which are Heathers and I’ve just sorted them out.

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