Random thoughts

Well I am three weeks into the semester and I am really enjoying my classes. They are challenging and exciting. I am indeed grateful that the Lord has brought me here and has given me the privledge to study Greek and Hebrew. This week we began to translate the Epistle to the Ephesians. What a joy and a blessing. I have been learning a lot from my professor and have been challenged to dig deeper into the text. I was greatly encouraged when my Greek prof asked me to be in his advanced Greek class. This was such an encouragement to me because it showed me that I am doing well enough in intermediate Greek to be able to handle Advanced Greek. They are going through the writings of John (Gospel, I-III John and Revelation I believe). But because I have a Science lab that night, I cannot go. I was this close to dropping my lab to be able to take the Greek class, but I thought that to be a foolish idea. There is always next semester, Lord willing.

As always, I need to inform my all of 1 (well 2 if my mom reads this) readers of the newly aquired books that I have purchased. And Mom if you are reading this, do not worry, they were cheap or needed textbooks for school:)

Handbook to the Exegesis of the New Testament (Paperback)

This book I have been wanting to get for awhile, but I never could justify the price. Well today I got it new for $15. Needless to say I was a bit happy.

Misquoting Jesus : The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why (Hardcover)

This book was discussed by my Greek Professor and was one that I saw reviewed on a number of different blogs. It deal with textual criticism and the like.

Contours Of Christology In The New Testament (Mcmaster New Testament Studies) (Paperback)

This is a book that came through the library at school that I thought looked interesting. There is a different number of authors discussing Christology in the New Testament and other various topics Christologically related

Second Epistle To The Corinthians (New International Greek Testament Commentary) (Hardcover)

I got this book at my school bookstore for a Corinthian class that is being taught this semester. The only thing is, I am not taking Corinthians. I respect the work of Murray Harris and have been wanting this book for awhile now. I had some extra money in my student account, so I went ahead and bought it.

Last but not least…..I got Bibleworks 7 update! This I am excited about.

I have been in the Pastoral Epistles this semester thus far. There is such a need for me to heed the words of Paul to Timothy and see the importance of sound doctrine and sound living. It is my prayer that I can use the academic training that I am receiving here and apply it to my life and in the future to the lives of those the Lord puts under me to teach. Wow, what a huge responsibility, but also what a joy to serve the Lord Jesus who shed his blood for the forgiveness of my sins.

Soli Deo Gloria


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