The Theological life of a Pastor

One of the many blessings that I have in my life is the opportunity to work at a Christian bookstore. Being able to spend a day working around books and getting paid for it is a true joy. I have met many different people working at my job. They range from Mormon all the way to professional scholar. One of the people I have had the priviledge of meeting on numerous occasions is New Testament scholar Ralph P. Martin. He is a joy to talk with every time he steps into my store. But one of the saddest things that I encounter is the amount of pastors who come into my store who seem to have no desire for hard disciplined study that should accompany one's calling into the ministry. Now this is not the case for every pastor that walks through the doors, but it is sadly the majority of them. The choose the books that offer nothing of worth to the spiritual life of not only themselves, but sadly their congregations also. When I start up a conversation with them, I am often times left leaving saddened by their theological ignorance. These are men who supposedly have been "called" to pastoral ministry. I often wonder how they made it through Seminary, or even if they went at all. The Church is in a sad position these days, and the last thing we need are theologically inept pastors leading the Church.


One thought on “The Theological life of a Pastor

  1. Three reactions:
    (1) How did these pastors get their jobs?

    (2) Perhaps then all those Biblical scholars who enjoy writing all those lovely theological books should lend a hand. Why is it that so many enter into the upper stratum of academia and expend their effort in debating abstruse topics while the basic needs of the church are not being met?

    (3) For those of us who will be in secular jobs and able to support those in ministry, our giving should go beyond basic church and missionary support. We should also be funding the next generation of pastors, making sure serious Bible students get the money they need to make it through school.

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