I am convinced: There is a meaning in this text!

I have all but finished reading Kevin Vanhoozer's "Is There a Meaning in This Text" (I have 6 pages left which I will finish tonight) and it has been such a joy to read. I have never read a book that has both encouraged me as well as gave me a headache. It is one of the most challenging books I have ever read. Much of the subject matter I have never encountered before, and now that I have I want to pursue it more. It is a book that I will most definitely pick up again in the near future to read so that I can pound the ideas into my head. I would love to post a review of this book here, but I would most likely get lost in all of the technical aspects of the book and confuse all one of you who read this blog (yes Lori, I am talking about you. Not that you are not smart, believe me I think you to be quite intelligent).


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